UT Volleyball Dominates the SSC

2011 and 2011 UT of UTVB vs. Opponents in Kills datacards

***UT played Eckerd College and Florida Southern College three times during this season. 

UTVB vs. Opponents in Kills datacards grouped by first letter

The University of Tampa volleyball team has not lost a game in the SSC conference since 2011. Their only loss in 2011 was to Eckerd College in the regular season. This chart details the kill comparison for each team during these games. Kills is the most important statistic in terms of offensive production. Below it is a group of each individual team's kill comparison against UT on a year-to-year basis since 2011.

Part of UT's success over the past 5 seasons has been their kill percentage versus SSC opponents. UT leads all team in kills in the SSC over the past five years with the exception of Florida Southern who they have not lost to during this time frame.

***Dig Comparison from 2011-2015

This bar graph illustrates the dig comparison for UT vs. their SSC opponents. Digs and blocks are the two most important defensive statistics. An interesting analysis of digs shows that UT has a lot more digs than teams they have beaten pretty consistently throughout the years. However, with teams they have had closer match-ups with (i.e. Florida Southern and Eckerd), they relied on their offensive production to bring them success. If you look closely at the year 2011, Eckerd College, who beat them once that year, was statistically dominant in digs. Going back to the previous graphic, they also led in kills. Since then, no team other than Florida Southern has come close in either statistic.

UT vs. Opponents They've Yet to Play in 2015

The UT women's volleyball team has yet to face off against two SSC opponents, Nova Southeastern and Lynn. In the past four years, they have dominated the two remaining teams pretty handily. I used this chart to predict the outcome of the 2015 games. In terms of kills, the median average for UT against Lynn and Nova Southeastern is 97.25 and 100.5 respectively. Lynn is predicted to have 67.75 kills against UT while Nova Southeastern is predicted to have only 55. In terms of assists, UT has had on average, 91 against Lynn and 88.25 against Nova. Lynn has had 64 assists and Nova has averaged 57 accordingly. On the defensive side of things, UT has averaged 107.25 and 105 digs against Lynn and Nova respectively. Lynn has averaged 80.25 dig in the previous four games and Nova has averaged 86.25. If the statistics are correct, then both of these games should end up in wins for the UT side.

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